About us

New Generation of Women’s Initiatives (ngoWI) is a non-governmental non-profit feminist organization founded by and for young women in Vilnius (Lithuania). The main goal of ngoWI is to pursue new spaces and means for women’s consciousness-raising, empowerment, self-expression, leadership, and enterprise, thus reducing vulnerability and silencing of women in general, and certain groups of women in particular, in the Lithuanian society.

Activities of ngoWI are directed towards:

Through the focus on young women, ngoWI contributes to the empowerment and reduction of the silencing of young women in the Lithuanian society. We encourage young women to challenge the sexualizing and objectifying roles ascribed to them by society and breakthrough for more creative and fulfilling ways of self-expression. We believe that the widespread problems of trafficking in women, prostitution, poverty feminization, violence against women, homophobia in Lithuania are, among other factors, rooted also in the lack of empowerment and initiative among women, and young women, in particular. We want to change it – to encourage young women to critically evaluate restrictive, objectifying, and oppressive constructions from the outside, and speak out for themselves through their activities and initiatives.

The main activities of ngoWI are focused in these fields:

• awareness-raising (public events, discussions, workshops)
• promoting feminist discourse (contributions and articles in the mainstream media)
• community-based work (involving volunteers, organizing events for the community)
• exchange and dissemination of information on feminist, women’s and gender issues.